Thursday, September 16, 2010

1st Annual Sweet Chic Meet

Besides the tragedy that struck our country 9 years ago on September 11th, I must say that it was a good day in 2010. I entered the foyer of the Grand Ball room on the second floor of the Renaissance Waverly Hotel to see a sea of children with their faces painted and a army of Veterans searching the buffet to fill their plates. I remembered where I was on this day 9 years ago, I smiled at the soldiers and kept it moving with my makeup case in my right hand, director's chair in my left hand, to the Tyndall Meeting Room to set up for my launch. Adrenaline flowing through my body. I was a little nervous, searching for pictures in my head to inspire me on how I would do my makeup. Don't you just love to see a hairstylist with a jacked up weave and she hands you her business card? I laugh at the irony.

Anyway, the launch was a success! I didn't get a chance to sit down! But I did do my wobble and someone finally taught me how to "Dougie".

I was amazed at how many women waited for me to do their makeup. The event started at 4pm and I didn't have a chance to get a glass of water. By the time I did, the cooler was on "E"! grrrrr.

I love how when I don't expect things, the BEST shows up; I chose to live the rest of my life this way...I just wished that everyone that RSVP'd for event would have showed up. I would have loved to share the experience of that day with them; from the Jell-O shots, to the samples of a variety of mouth-watering cupcakes, the mini-makeovers, all the way to the sounds of Deejay IV on the ones and twos that had EVERY body rockin'!

On Display we had:
Accessories by “Honey June Boutique”
“Sensual Novelties - Ignite Your Passion” By Jessica
“Girl About Town” by Kyla
Makeup by “MyChoKolate Kisses”
Sweet Samples of delectable cupcakes by “Sweet Love Affair”

We got the touch of class that we needed at the event by my sister Jackie and Claudia of Unforgettable Occasions by Design, who traveled ALL the way from West Palm Beach, Florida. Thanks for your support ladies!

For those who missed it, catch us next year! Ciao!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eye Was Made For This Industry

I was MADE for this industry. Thanks to compliments on my makeup from strangers and friends alike, I decided to get into the makeup industry. I've always had a passion for makeup, especially eye shadows. A friend asked "why don't you just do makeup". I guess because I never gave it much thought. I just did it for me - for fun.

Just to give you a little background about me: After studying Criminal Justice, I enrolled in Cosmetology school where I obtained my license for my first passion - hair. Worked in salons here and there but I never got the clientele that I desired, I guess because I worked full-time as a legal assistant, it was hard for me to focus on hair. I lost the passion for hair but found a new love when I moved to Atlanta. Still with perseverance I gave the hair industry another chance. I enrolled in hair school AGAIN to complete my hours for Georgia's requirements. I started working in a salon/barbershop until a promising job fell thru. Don't get me wrong, there is money in the hair industry but its a tough world out here when they put you in the front chair, like ya boy on Barbershop, and everyone is thinking "Uhn uhhh, she aint touching my hair; I don't know her like that" Okay its really not like that but you have to have that hustle inside to get clientele and you have to put yourself out there. #notinterested.

So I start researching and soul searching and found that I could make more money without standing on my feet for a couple hours, just to turn around and give the owner %30 of what I made that day. I could simply transform blemishes to beauty within an hour and send my client out with a blushing, pinkberry smile.

Doors keep opening and Ive made so many connects within 3 months. I started my own makeup line, I'm currently working on a short film, and working on some upcoming fashion shows. I look forward to exploring what this industry has to offer. I'm ready, I was made for it.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

There's Something About June...

Okay so have you ever experienced a cycle in your life and you JUST noticed it when things go wrong? No, ladies not that cycle. There's something about the 6th month in the year that requires change. There's a shift in the Universe, in the atmosphere and the funny thing is that I felt it a month ago. I wasn't sure what it was, why I felt that way or what was about to take place, but I knew it was on its way. There were things and people that Ive prayed about to be removed from my life, and when the inevitable happened, I unconsciously tried to hold on to it. I realize that God is a God of "suddenlies". Things that may have taken months or years are happening in days and hours if you stay faithful to who the Source is and what the Source can do for you.

So yeah, I realized today that a shift is taken place in my life, and I realized why. On June 29, 2007, I left an unhealthy relationship, so unhealthy that I became dangerous [please forgive me, I do have a bad temper, but I'm working on that]. The very next day my sister[unbeknownst to her about the day before] called me and pleaded with me to move to Atlanta. She explained that it was a difference environment and she thought that I would like it here. I told her that I would think about it. At the same time I was reading a book by J.D. Jakes called "Disposition Yourself". Honestly, I didn't get to finish it, but the gist of it was that you have to put yourself in an uncomfortable position to be in the right place at the right time to become a better person. I thought about it, read a little bit more, talked to my loved ones about it, and once I got their blessings, I was on the Turnpike heading North to Atlanta. This has been the best move Ive ever made in life. I gave myself a year to move out of my sister's house. Check. Found a great job. Check. Changed my circle of friends/associates. Check. And purchase my fist home. Check.
Although I was nervous, not knowing what the outcome would be, I stepped out on faith and made it through.

Now 3 years later [not sure what happened in the meantime in between time] but here I am today shifting into another dimension of my life and I'm perfectly okay with that. I ended another relationship that was filled with violations from the very start. I gave it a chance because I thought I was doing the right thing until I really got to know him...I wasn't as interested anymore, but I felt needed so I stayed. But in the end was it worth it? Absolutely not and that's another lesson learned. I'm grateful that I didn't lose myself, I'm ever evolving and I love that about me.

I do believe that everything happens at the perfect time under Heaven's net; the Universe's changes and puts things in place at the right time for the right season. I trust that something grand is going to happen in my life [there are some things that I am currently working on, a private label cosmetic line to be exact] and I think that the Universe is making changes to that the right people can be in my life at the right time. I love the way the Spirit moves.

The Meaning of Numbers:
The number 6 / Month of June - it is the number of imperfection; the human number; the number of man as destitute of God.
The Six Virtues of Hinduism
1) Tranquility: peace of mind, or contentment is a foundation on which the other practices can rest.
2) Training: Training of the senses means the responsible use of the senses in positive, useful directions, both in our actions in the world and the nature of inner thoughts we cultivate.
3) Withdrawal: With a proper inner attitude of tranquility, and the training of the senses, there also comes a sense of satiety, or natural sense of completeness, as if no more of the sensory experience need be sought.
4) Forbearance: Forbearance and tolerance of external situations allow one to be free from the onslaught of the sensory stimuli and pressures from others to participate in actions, speech, or thoughts that one knows to be going in a not-useful direction.
5) Faith: An intense sense of certainty about the direction one is going keeps one going in the right direction, persisting in following the teachings and practices that have been examined and seen to be productive, useful, and fruit bearing.
6) Focus: Resolute focus towards harmonizing and balancing of mind, its thoughts, and emotions, along with the other virtues, brings a freedom to pursue the depth of inner exploration and realization.

The number 3 - Three stands for that which is solid, real, substantial, complete, and entire.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Where I Wanna Be

Have you ever wanted something so bad and then when you finally get it, you're not sure if its what you truly wanted? Its been two years since Ive met him and we finally decided to see where this "love thing" would take us and now Im not so sure. Great friends? Yes. Makes me laugh. Check. However, I guess Im the type of girl that like her chocolate cake and boy do I love chocolate cake and Im definately not letting it go to waste! We've been together for an entire month, day in and day out, but I feel like moving on. As I write this, I recall the time I had a lunch date with one of my girlfriends and I told her that I wasnt sure where I wanted to be with him because I want to continue to date other people. She asked me if I would be okay if HE dated other people...huh? Girl, dont you know that Im made up of double standards?? Of course I would mind. Selfish, I know but I always like to keep my guard up and have something to keep me going, and thats until he puts a ring on it! Honestly, I want to be with one person, but past realtionships have made it hard for me to truly give my all to one person, and end up shit-faced. My mind is ready, but Im not so sure that my heart is. Im torn between ending random hook-ups to be with one person who may end up disappointing me. I just need to some time to think about where I want to be...