Monday, September 30, 2013

Face Painting Amateur

I had the most amazing weekend! Ok, so I need to step my face painting game up but so what the kids loved it!! I told my client that face painting wasn't my forte but she insisted on hiring me for the job. I always appreciate people pushing me to do more. That makes me so much better as an artist. Anyway the kiddies were too pleased. They weren't as critical as I thought they would be. I had so much fun face painting. I just distracted them and talked to them as if we were the same age lol. I'm a big kid anyway. Karen luh da kids!

I had my face painted as a cat so that was definitely was a conversational piece.

The Birthday Girl. I loved her response when she looked in the mirror
She's so precious! She saw me and asked me to paint a unicorn. Um...I can give you a pretty pink butterfly (I think lol)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hello Summer!

Hello Summer! We've been patiently waiting for you! 
Welcome to the First Day of Summer.  When the summer months roll around, we look forward to wearing less makeup. Not only is it a much-needed change from the dark lipstick and thick foundation we typically wear in the winter, but it's also an easy way to avoid a makeup meltdown.
But don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that once the thermometer reads 70 degrees and higher you should simply go bare-faced. Instead, lightening up your summer makeup look should be more about embracing a more healthy glow.
To help you put your best face forward all the way through Labor Day, I want to share some summer makeup tips for beautiful, breathable skin. 
Summer is all about embracing the natural essence of your beauty.  Start by applying coconut oil on the face as a moisturizer right after the shower for hydrated and luminous skin. Here's my fave:
Using less makeup allows your skin to breathe and appear naturally flawless instead of heavily made-up. Opt for a full-coverage concealer in areas that are in need of camouflaging, then blend out a lighter layer of foundation or BB cream on the rest of the face.  Remember to grab a BB cream formula with SPF. Primers for both face and eyelids are perfect for summer, as they'll extend the wear and seamless finish of your shadows and foundations.
Avoid applying products that are not the right formula for your skin type because it will start to run down your face midday - and if it's not the right shade, it will appear streaky. A lightweight, water-based foundation with SPF followed up with bronzer in place of translucent powder will impart enough warmth without becoming too cakey.
Use your fingers to dab on a cream blush in a pinky-coral hue for sexy flush, or try a baked pigment blush, which is more resistant to sweat, humidity and face oils.  Matte or satin eyeshadows and eye pencils are great for during the day. But at night, try brushing on a golden shimmer to the center of lids, which will add an instantly brightening effect. And of course, apply a few coats of waterproof mascara to thicken and lengthen lashes. To complete your summer makeup look, use this motto: "When in doubt, gloss it out!" Sheer lip gloss in punchy pinks, hot corals or shimmering nudes are perfect.
A bold lip color is hot for spring and summer, but not just red. There are plenty of fun of colors to wear, like tangerine and pink, that look great on every woman - no matter your age or skin tone. Just have to pick the right color and wear it with confidence! Check out these different shades of beauties rocking the hottest summer trends:
Lauren Conrad in Fuchsia
Janelle Monae in Fuchsia

Amber Heard in Fuchsia

 Shay Mitchell in Coral

Julianne Hough in Coral

Ashanti in Coral

Solange in Tangerine

Belle Thorne in Tangerine

Keltie Colleen in Tangerine

Rihanna in Poppy

Taylor Swiff in Poppy

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner in Jade

Nars Bronzing Powder in Casino
BB Tinted Treatment 12-hr Primer with SPF 30 Sunscreen
What are your makeup must-haves during summer? Do share.
Happy Summertime!  Kisses!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Be Bold When Saying 'I Do'

There's a serious beauty trend for 2013 for the bold and the beautiful.  Bold and bright shades of neon coral, magenta, and vivid red are making their way to self-expressed brides.  I love this look and hope that the brides I work with will be rocking this down the aisle. 
Nothing makes you feel sexier than a bright bold lip.  If you’re a bride looking for an edgier look on your big day, we suggest you go for it!
Yes, its a little risky because you don't want to get it all over your groom on your wedding day, so go with a color stay lipstick or a stain.  Can you imagine looking at your photos for the first time, and seeing (gasp!) a smear of lipstick on your pearly whites? Or your groom looking like he just went to war with a M.A.C. makeup artist, sporting a rosy red ring around his perfect pout in all the pictures? Definitely not ideal for such an important occasion! So if you decide to wear a non-neutral hue on your blushing bridey lips, make sure to work with a professional to select the best products that will keep the color on your lips and nowhere else.
Now take a look at the gorgeous inspirations and keep these helpful hints in mind when considering a bright lip color:
  • Bright bold lips should be paired with more understated eye makeup. So if you're married to fake eyelashes and a dramatic smoky eye, it's best to save the vivid lipstick for another time - maybe you can save it for the reception when it's party time.
  • The lipstick shade you choose should complement your skin's complexion.
  • Don't be afraid to pull out your dress and try different makeup looks at your trial.  You want be sure that this trend you are about to follow is right for you.  If you normally wear bold lipstick anyway, go for it.




 What do you think? Would you try this look on your Big Day?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Studio Love

This most amazing thing that has happened to me so far this year is working in a studio with the most talented, professional people.  The energy that our team radiates while preparing for a shoot is entertaining and the results that we produce are miraculous. Transformers. Premium makeovers - Transformations is what we call the sessions. People walk in timid but before they leave, they are comfortable in their own skin; they let their hair down - they are transformed into self-expressed beings.  
Our Transformations sessions have been a success so far and we look forward to creating more memories; allowing people to develop their own identities, giving them looks that they absolutely love; and making them look and feel unbelievably beautiful.   
Jameela, Bride-To-Be 

Energetic Jayde
 Tag Team! Terion and Karen perfecting the look with right before the shoot. 



HDMI is located in Atlanta, GA. For booking inquiries, please email
Kisses For Your Journey!

4 Ways to Brighten Up Your Makeup This Spring

Spring is here! What better way to show off some of your favorite spring colors than expressing them with your makeup! I love wearing bright colors, however, there is a right and wrong way to wear them. Read on for the best tips and tricks on how to brighten up your makeup to get a fun, flawless spring look!
1. Colorful Lips
Don’t ignore all the fun shades of pink! Bright, bold lips are a great way to brighten up your makeup. Find the perfect shades for your skin tone and rock those perfect lips! Try adding some lip gloss to your lipstick routine and give it a little shine. Be bold! Add some subtle blue and green hues to your routine.

2. Bright Eyes
Make your eyes pop. Don’t be afraid to wear colorful eye shadows! 

I am a big fan of introducing turquoise into your beauty rotation.  Make your lower lash line pop!

3. Highlighting
Highlighting is a great way to brighten up your face this spring! Highlighting is an amazing way to enhance your facial features. It will help give your skin a flawless look this spring! Follow this guide brought to you by Kevin Aucoin in his popular book, Making Faces.

4. Don’t Forget The Blush!
Most women forget to add blush to their makeup routine. Adding blush will instantly awaken your look. Don’t be afraid to use brighter blushes! Lighter blushes tend to fade as you blend your makeup. So start purchasing shades that have some color to them.

Be daring enough to try some of these fashionable tips! Get out of your comfort zone of wearing neutral colors and start being bright and bold for spring!

Happy Spring!

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Tranformers

Sunday was our first time working in the studio.  Sandy Darrell was our first client.  She's an emerging fashion stylist who has spent her early life in New Jersey, moved to Bermuda to start her family, and now currently living in Atlanta.  Her style is classy and chic. We spent a total of two hours transforming her entire look. 

I started off with sculpting Sandy's brows. She normally gets her brows threaded, but unfortunately I forgot my threading tools at home [grrrr...I didn't think that I would need them], so I shaped her brows by tweezing. I normally don't like to shape brows by using tweezing as my only method, but because Sandy isn't new to the pull by threading, she was a trooper with tweezing. 

Before applying makeup, I used a primer. Although Sandy's skin is free and clear from blemishes and harsh lines, primer was still necessary for keeping the oil from her skin at bay to provide a smooth canvas for the foundation to stick to. I used a concoction of Iman and MAC products for concealing and for her full makeup coverage. I chose warm, gold hues for her eye shadow, since she planned on having numerous wardrobe changes. Then switch of the lip was the best move. I started off with a bold red lip for her black & cream dress. I used MAC Ruby Woo as a thick liner and added a touch of MakeUp Forever Aqua Cream in red for dimension. To complement her peachy dress, I went for a nude lip with NYX Creamy Beige. Sandy's final ensemble consisted of an all black dress complemented by a Cosmopolitan Fascinator Hairpiece, so I had to end it with a banging oink hue, Matté Sweet Pink by NYX.

Sandy's skin remained perfect throughout the shoot; with just a couple touch ups on her blush here and there, her makeup remained in tact.

It was a pleasure creating the look for Sandy that she absolutely loved. The transformation was amazing. It brought out something in Sandy that she already knew she had - self-expression and true beauty.

It's great to work with the most humble and talented artists I know. It's been a long time coming, but we're finally here  - specifically at 614 N. Valley Brook Dr., Decatur, Ga. 30033.

The Studio: HD Media

The Hair Stylist: Terion Montgomery
The Photographer: Steve Darrell
The Makeup Artist: MyChoKolateKisses
The Model/Stylist: J'Adore La Mode

Love & Kisses,


Monday, February 11, 2013

Date Night Makeup Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day means it's time to find the right look - everything from hair and makeup to a head-turning outfit.

Whether or not you will be spending the night with friends or someone special, here are some hair and makeup ideas that will help you find the perfect look for your night out.

If your V-day plans include getting all dolled up, sexy is def the way to go.

A sexy smoky eye a la Kim Kardashian or RiRi is the perfect sexy Valentine's Day look.
When choosing the right color for a smoky eye it's best to go with a dark color like charcoal grey or a yummy chocolate brown. Next, find your lip color. A bold lip color is too much when paired with a smoky eye so it's best to compliment them with a subtle nude lip color and a coat of clear gloss.  Finish the look by sweeping your hair into a loose up-do.

 Want to do a bold red? To prevent messy smears, try a long-lasting lip formula. Try Christina Aguilera's favorite, SeneGence LipSense in Blue-Red. It's an 18-hour semi-permanent lip stain.

Having a glamorous night with the girls? Then make sure to bring out the bold, bright colors and the vixen heels. For a fun and flirty night on the town try a hot pink or coral lip color. These shades are perfect if you want to make an entrance and get noticed. Don't be afraid to use bronzer. Bronzer will compliment these fun makeup colors and make your skin glow.

Pair your look with a bun or ponytail. This sleek and stylish hairstyle will accentuate your features and bring focus to your eyes and lips.

For a low key night out with friends or a night in with your beau, just keep it simple.  Makeup for a night in should be soft and subtle so add pink gloss to your lips and give your cheeks color with a few swipes of blush. Don't forget to pump up the lash volume with your favorite volumizing mascara.

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyday the 14th!


Monday, January 28, 2013


Having a Mundane Monday? Here's something to brighten up your day & make you blush.  For more Makeup Monday tips, follow me on Instagram.


Kisses For Your Journey!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Exercise Your Options - Working Out With Makeup

So the New Year brought about New Resolutions and Im sure yours was to get fit, right? It's always better to go au natural when working out, but some women still insist on getting glammed up before hitting the gym. Fashion aside, the question remains: Is it OK to wear makeup while working out?
Tyra Banks roughting it during her workout.
Kim K. roughing it druing her workout.
Decide here and now to excercise without makeup on.  Um, who are you trying to impress? First of all, let us just say that if you're going to the gym and working up a sweat, you have a right to look as bad as you want - we are big believers in hitting the gym to work out, not to win a beauty contest. Second, you dont want to be remembered as the girl with smears, drips and splotches of makeup on her face. 
Besides that, wearing makeup and sweating isn't a good combo. The reason for this is fairly simple. When we exercise, we increase the volume of blood to our skin and when we get warm, our pores open wider. Sweat can then get into the pores and clog them, and having foundation and makeup on top of that can spell d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r for our skin - causing bacteria build-up and other ugly side effects.
Ok, so, maybe you're meeting an old friend there (or hoping to meet that cute guy by the free weights), and you want to look your best. Or, perhaps you just like to look good no matter what you're doing - there's nothing wrong with that either!
Since you just can't bear to leave the house naked, we can help! Here are a few tips to help you get through your workout with a pretty face:
  • Concealer - just wearing a touch of concealer under your eyes will hide a lot of flaws.
  • Waterproof Mascara - this will save you from Raccoon eyes.
  • Tinted Moisturizer - while you're working out, you want to put moisture back into your skin.
  • Lip Gloss - using regular lipstick will only dry your lips; go with the gloss and glaze.
Whether you choose to look fashionable with or without makeup on, keep in mind that sweat, germy gym equipment and outdoor pollution can all clog your pores. So, after a good workout, be sure to give your face a good cleansing. As always, rehydrate with plenty of water as you exercise.  Your skin will reward you with a nice glow and luminous appearance.

For more ways to look hot at the gym, just be fashionably fit with new gym clothes.
Happy Sweating!