Thursday, April 18, 2013

4 Ways to Brighten Up Your Makeup This Spring

Spring is here! What better way to show off some of your favorite spring colors than expressing them with your makeup! I love wearing bright colors, however, there is a right and wrong way to wear them. Read on for the best tips and tricks on how to brighten up your makeup to get a fun, flawless spring look!
1. Colorful Lips
Don’t ignore all the fun shades of pink! Bright, bold lips are a great way to brighten up your makeup. Find the perfect shades for your skin tone and rock those perfect lips! Try adding some lip gloss to your lipstick routine and give it a little shine. Be bold! Add some subtle blue and green hues to your routine.

2. Bright Eyes
Make your eyes pop. Don’t be afraid to wear colorful eye shadows! 

I am a big fan of introducing turquoise into your beauty rotation.  Make your lower lash line pop!

3. Highlighting
Highlighting is a great way to brighten up your face this spring! Highlighting is an amazing way to enhance your facial features. It will help give your skin a flawless look this spring! Follow this guide brought to you by Kevin Aucoin in his popular book, Making Faces.

4. Don’t Forget The Blush!
Most women forget to add blush to their makeup routine. Adding blush will instantly awaken your look. Don’t be afraid to use brighter blushes! Lighter blushes tend to fade as you blend your makeup. So start purchasing shades that have some color to them.

Be daring enough to try some of these fashionable tips! Get out of your comfort zone of wearing neutral colors and start being bright and bold for spring!

Happy Spring!

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