Thursday, April 18, 2013

Studio Love

This most amazing thing that has happened to me so far this year is working in a studio with the most talented, professional people.  The energy that our team radiates while preparing for a shoot is entertaining and the results that we produce are miraculous. Transformers. Premium makeovers - Transformations is what we call the sessions. People walk in timid but before they leave, they are comfortable in their own skin; they let their hair down - they are transformed into self-expressed beings.  
Our Transformations sessions have been a success so far and we look forward to creating more memories; allowing people to develop their own identities, giving them looks that they absolutely love; and making them look and feel unbelievably beautiful.   
Jameela, Bride-To-Be 

Energetic Jayde
 Tag Team! Terion and Karen perfecting the look with right before the shoot. 



HDMI is located in Atlanta, GA. For booking inquiries, please email
Kisses For Your Journey!

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