Monday, September 30, 2013

Face Painting Amateur

I had the most amazing weekend! Ok, so I need to step my face painting game up but so what the kids loved it!! I told my client that face painting wasn't my forte but she insisted on hiring me for the job. I always appreciate people pushing me to do more. That makes me so much better as an artist. Anyway the kiddies were too pleased. They weren't as critical as I thought they would be. I had so much fun face painting. I just distracted them and talked to them as if we were the same age lol. I'm a big kid anyway. Karen luh da kids!

I had my face painted as a cat so that was definitely was a conversational piece.

The Birthday Girl. I loved her response when she looked in the mirror
She's so precious! She saw me and asked me to paint a unicorn. Um...I can give you a pretty pink butterfly (I think lol)

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