Sunday, July 15, 2012

Super Sunday

Im baaaack! It's been a hectic season for me, doing what I absolutely LOVE -bridal makeup! Pictures coming soon. Anyway, I received a great offer from my friends over at Sugar Lips Apparel! My favorite was the Sunday Striped Dress. The fit is amazing. The breathable cotton was so comfortable to wear on a hot summer day. It was so appropriate to wear today, Sunday of course, with a splash of any color. I chose orange. I put on my favorite scarf [fit for the perfect bad hair day] and my new favorite shoes. I think I had a citrus overdose when I added Morange by MAC - totally appropriate for the summer tho. I think orange is my new favorite color.
I totally love animal prints. I try to incorporate the prints every chance
I get. It's the the fruits of the jungle. This is my rendition of Journey to Brasil and Im loving it.

For more info, visit to update your wardrobe with for the summer.

Happy Shopping!


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