Thursday, September 20, 2012

Is That A Squirrel In Your Makeup Bag?

Okay, so I was over here I am feeling like I lost a bff a couple weeks ago. I misplaced my personal makeup bag [OR someone stole it because it hasn't popped up YET!] with at least 10 of my favorite items, including the BEST makeup brush that I've ever owned. This eco-friendly brush set was gifted to me by one of my best buds. The bristles were amazingly soft, so soft that it actually feels like squirrel. Yes, I've pet a squirrel before, but I cant say that I've ever rubbed a squirrel's hindquarters on my face. Awkward moment... Anyway, for my #mondaymakeupmadness tip on 9/17/12, I posted "Have a some faves in your makeup bag? Double up in case your makeup bag is lost, stolen or misplaced". It was definitely a sad day in paradise. I wasn't worried about the makeup, that can be replaced.

The brushes were perfect for me and that's what made me upset. I wasn't sure that I would find another set to fall in love with. Funny enough [well, not so funny] I took pics a week before "the case of my missing makeup bag" because I intended on blogging about these brushes.  

Well, this brings me to my post tonight... There are so many brushes out there, are you using the right one for you? Cosmetic brushes are essential tools for all makeup users - amateurs and pros alike. They come in many brands, types and two major categories: man-made aka synthetic and natural aka animal hair. Is there a squirrel in your makeup bag? Some companies may tell you that their natural-hair brushes are 100%. They buy from manufacturers in other countries and therefore, they don't know firsthand how the animals were treated. I'm not sure if I like the idea of using animals for the purpose of using their fur for makeup brushes anyway. Because I didn't know where to find the previous brush set, I went to Ulta to purchase a 5 brush set by Eco Tools. They are super soft and they came with an Alicia Silverstone cosmetic bag made with cotton & hemp blend!
Anyway, enough about my opinions. Here are the facts. 

Natural Brushes 
What they’re made of: Often made with real hair from animals, like squirrels, goats, horses, minks, sables, badgers, mongooses or a combination of multiple animals’ hair. So, if you oppose using animal products or are concerned about ethical animal treatment, you might not want to choose this option. 
• Soft, more natural finish to your makeup 
• Easy application of powder cosmetics, like loose powder, powder blush or powder eye shadows 
• Even distribution of makeup pigments, which prevents streaks, blotchiness or a caked on appearance Cons: 
• If you have an allergy to some animal hair or fur, you might not want a natural makeup brush 
• Natural brushes aren’t good for applying cream-based makeup. This can result in a cakey, sticky finish 
• Natural brushes are often more expensive than synthetic brushes 

Synthetic Brushes 
What they’re made of: Typically have bristles made of taklon or nylon. They don’t use natural hair or fur from animals. 
• They’re ideal for deep, rich colors or dramatic makeup looks 
• They offer precise application in small, defined areas, such as your lips, lashline or on specific blemishes  
• They have a lower price tag than natural brushes 
• They’re ideal for cream-based concealer, foundation or lipstick
• They can become cakey and goopy with makeup 
• Their bristles harden with time, which can make your makeup application more difficult and uncomfortable 

Whichever bristles you chose to work with, make sure you care for them properly to extend the life. Stay tuned for a post on how to care for your brushes. That's all for now! Kisses!

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