Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Types of Beards - Grow The Right Style For You

November is slowly ending and your beard should be growing like crazy. Now what? What kind of beard should you shape it into? Puzzled about where to start? Find the style that suits you.  Here are some beard styles that you may want to follow.

A chin beard that is grown long into a point and styled with an accompanying mustache to resemble the shape of a ship's anchor.
Anchor Beard worn by Zac Efron

A wide chin beard that covers the chin as well as a small area beyond it, accompanied by a separated mustache.
Balbo Beard worn by Johnny Depp

Chin Curtain
A longer beard grown only along the lower portion of the face, covering the chin and following the jawline.

Chin Curtain worn by Abraham Lincoln

Circle Beard
Facial hair consisting of a chin beard and mustache connected by hair along the sides of one's mouth, thus forming a circle. Also called a "door knocker." Sometimes referred to as a "goatee," though technically the goatee refers only to hair growing on the chin area, not the mustache.

 Circle Beard worn by Kanye West

Full Beard
A beard characterized by coverage on all areas of the face: upper lip, chin, sides, and sideburns. A full beard can have either a styled or integrated mustache, and can be clipped close or grown long. There are many possible variations of the full beard.

Full Beard as seen on Duck Dynasty

A wide, full beard with a rounded bottom and integrated mustache.
 Garbardi Beard worn by Rick Ross

A beard formed by hair grown only on the chin area.

Goatee worn by P. Diddy 

A beard with integrated mustache that is worn on the lower part of the chin and jaw area, without connecting sideburns.

Hollywoodian Beard worn by Leonardo DiCaprio  

Soul Patch
A small tuft of hair under the lower lip. Also called a "royale" or a "flavor saver."

Soul Patch Beard worn by Mario Vanpeebles

A large, long beard, connected by sideburns, without a mustache. Also called a "Shenandoah."

Spade Beard worn by Freeway

Van Dyck
A goatee accompanied by a mustache; usually the two are not connected.

Van Dyck Beard worn by Colonel Sanders

Whats your favorite beard style??

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  3. Hi
    I was thinking about changing my current beard styl for last couple of days but couldn’t decide which style would be perfect for me. This popular beard styles really helped me choose my style. I really like the balbo Beard style and will make my beard exactly like this tomorrow. Thanks for helping me decide


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