Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's Shoot!

Ok so you have an outfit in your wardrobe that you have just never had the opportunity to wear, perhaps you simply want some funky photographs of yourself to look back on in the future or maybe you are a model trying to build your portfolio?

Well, let's have a photo shoot!

These shoots are on location in unusual places and take a whole day but are huge amounts of fun. The first thing I do is give you a makeover with funky, dramatic makeup and hair (this can be more subtle if you don't want to go crazy) and then it's off to find locations and shoot the day away.

Guys you too, of course, are welcome. ;)

Here’s my first photo shoot with Kyla Robinson, founder of Girl About Town, Photographer Kwes, and models Terrell Wright and Tarsha McDaniel.

First stop: Cabbagetown. Its known for its guerilla artworks.

Here's Kwes setting his camera up for the kill.

And this is what he produced. Love it! Oh, yeah, kudos to the Makeup Artist ;)

These two were made for this. I loved the energy!

Here’s Kyla getting ready for our next set on the graveyard.

Ok, so by the time we got to the graveyard, it was closed. This is the best we could do outside of the gate. Terrell did his twists and bends for this:

I absolutely love working on the set of a photo shoot. This is where I can bring creativity to the set, experiment with colors and of course have fun!


  1. That Blue/ purple eye make-up is SERIOUS!! Love it


  2. Cute makeup. It reminds me of my look that I did. Check it out


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