Thursday, April 28, 2011

MCK Hits The Road!

Road Triiiip!!

MCK and Girl About Town, both resident members of the MyMeApparel Faces of Me! Team, hit the road to Columbia, South Carolina for the 4th Annual “Uber Hawt” Style Exhibition. MyMeApparel founder, Valerie Reaves prepared for a long weekend, along with a few from the Faces of Me! Team: Model, Brittani Nolan; Wardobe Stylist and Owner of Girl About Town, Kyla Robinson; Owner of Hair 2 Please, Onecia Maloney; and Owner of Tightworks Braids & MUA, Marie “China” Auguste.

Here is a pic of the MyMeApparel Glam Squad:

The show was a success! While backstage I could hear the voice of 3Jay Productions visionary, Jalia “Lia” Pettis share with the crowd about her victory in the 4th Annual Style Exhibition and how she almost gave up. She acknowledged her faith and moved on with the show. Her heartwarming speech moved me while I did some touchups on the models backstage, so I can imagine how she moved the crowd.

I met some great people, but I didn’t take many pics. :( It’s always hard to find time to whip out my camera while Im embracing the moment. Here are a couple of pics before leaving the suites.
Girl About Town jazzed up a tee by tucking it in a pair of leggings.

Girl About Town tied a knot of the side of my tee and stretched out the neck for the off-the-shoulder look.

Backstage: The kaos.

Model: Kendra Samuel wearing a MMA piece for the Spring.

I absolutely love fashion shows. I enjoy watching a designer's vision come to life. I dont strut my stuff on the runway, I create the face for it.


  1. Very nice coverage of the MyMeApparel South Carolina Fashion Tour Stop, MyChokolateKisses! You guys were great! Thank you all for being a part of the MyMeApparel enterprise!

    Get ready ... this train is movin' ... Next MyMeApparel Fashion Tour Stop: West Palm Beach, Florida!!! All abooooooard!!! Choo, Choo!!!

    ~Valeri L. Reaves, MyMeApparel,

  2. Glad you all took part, thanks so much for your efforts!

  3. Awww I remember these pics! Rockin the My Me apparel T! Good coverage McK!


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